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On my walk today in the forest….

Today was a little walk in the wood. It is a fantastic representation of fine Autumnal in Gothenburg. Chilly and fresh in the air, but the wind and with a lovely sun shining. I really love these Days so much! Autumn is really something special and no one can say that it is not beautiful? But today it was unfortunately  not so  very much nuances and fine autumn colors as I might have expected, but I enjoyed the Beautyful Autumn weather! Wish you all n nice weekend! Hugs to you all!

IMG_6520 kopia2

IMG_6531 kopia

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I have not disappeared but only for a time … This summer I went up to the acute hospital for severe abdominal pain. They discovered a tumor of 8 cm in the intestine and that had spread to the liver at three different places. It was so surreal to see the plates and  to believe I had cancer! In addition, you knew not in weeks WHAT it was for the type of cancer?? There was a long period of torment, but I decided from the first day that I have to survive whatever …. ‘ve Read so much about the case with terminal cancer where people survived only through to spring diet! When the day came to know my judgment I thought probably I would die of heart attack ….. I was so nervous! Once inside the doctor I was still told that it was lymphoma. A cancer that is treatable with chemotherapy and doctor sounded very hopeful that the day was for me also very good and I was thankful in the midst of all the misery.

Upside down. kopia.jpg2

Now I’m on my second treatment period with chemotherapy and it feels pretty good. First round made ​​me dying and I was inside the hospital for 9 days and could not eat or drink and was also constipated …. It was terrible because of course I  wanted very much to be able to be at home and able to take care of myselfes, and now it seems to go better this time. I am in good spirits and believe that I can handle this. We’re talking a lot about attitude, how to think so. And I try to was positive as much as possible. The tragedy of this story is that I for a year, I went to 3 different doctors who do not ittade anything. The last I was at 2 weeks before I went up emergency … She said that all tests good and did not indicate that I had a dangerous disease, but I was diagnosed with IBS (an intestinal disorder) and she wanted to give me antidepressants plus painkillers. I declined and walked away …. I will notify the doctor … not to be mean, but they are too lax and takes no real responsibility. So it is in the health care centers in Sweden and I will hips if I feel something is wrong I’d rather go to a specialist directly and the Council would like to give to all the Swedes who need a doctor, and feel that something is wrong? We read too often that people are dying because doctors missed cancers.

I will not talk so much about cancer here…this is my page for Foto and art and so it will continue to be, but if you want to follow my journey to recovery you are welcome to my page on facebook … But it is unfortunately in Swedish!


Excuse my English here …it was not so easy to explain this story but I hope you will understand as much it is possible!!! Wish you all an great weekend!!!

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King of Universe…

There’s a king on the throne and He has power over the universe.
One should not think that he was sleeping on it, he does not …….
He is just waiting for the right day and then you will see that he is and has always been there ….

king of universe kopiasign

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Jane Austin…

I love as many people Jane Austin and her wonderful novels that have captivated many romantics and dreamers in the world …
I like Jane eyre, but Pride and Prejudice is definitely my favorite and I can watch it as many times as I want ….

I bought this two films and watch them sometimes … Some scenes I can watch over and over and over again, I never get tired …
Something else I love about movies is, of course the clothes that are truly amazing.
Last time I was in the theater shop I found even a real Jane Austin hat so wonderful!!!

jane austin


Mr Darcy and Elisabeth from the film Pride and Prejudice

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In the Theater shop…

Yesterday I went to the theater shop to look at what they had to offer …. I plan to shoot two friends as Romeo & Juliette in August. The Shop goes on holiday to August 19 and  then I will let Romeo go along and try fitting some clothes that I saw that it really found  existed. Have always wanted to take this kind of pictures, but did not have any suitable candidates, but I have now so I really look forward to this day!!!


Me at the  theater store … Had so much fun when I went around and looked at all the fun that there was to see … Love the old clothes of yesterday!!! :-)

The Photo was taken by a friend with my iPhone and the quality’s not the best!

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The ghosthouse…

During the three years that I have been going to my brother down in Skåne, this has been the house for sale … And I like the house, but it’s in very bad condition … but, just the design is wonderful …

Almost Like Pippi Longstocking house and I like that …. But, I would never want to live there because it’s a bit dull place, incidentally …

If we renovated this house, it would be amazing, but it probably would not be cheap!
Today, one could say that it is a bit scary feeling over the house … Here you could record a creepy movie is guaranteed …

You thinking  on a ghosthouse when you see it! But I don´t belive  in ghosts in the sense that some do, but in  a very evil force …. Anyway, this house is for sale and seems to never be sold! Would have been nice to know what it costs just for fun?

IMG_5118 kopia

IMG_5117 kopia

IMG_5121 kopia

IMG_5123 kopia

IMG_5122 kopia

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A taste of Lemon …

Imagine how beautiful it is with just a few regular lemons?
Can such be amazed how everything is done? I am a person who thinks a lot and pay attention to everything and I think that everything that is created is unbelievable …. As a simple lemon with its beautiful color and wonderful flavor that is almost as much and also useful and just remember to push a little in the glass of water and you get a crisp and refreshing taste!


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